CSV regional changes


Executive Summary

The Dashboard Billing CSV file is changing. Partners using this CSV file (particularly reseller-style partners using this for account reconciliation) should make sure their systems correctly interpret the new and changed columns. Especially the Price column, which is changing to Total Price.


Since launching, all of our dashboard billing CSV files have used a generic format with Australian field names and information. These fields are changing to be clearer and to better match respective region's customs and requirements. You should make sure your system correctly interprets these changes.

On the Dashboard Billing CSV file:

  • The Price column is changing to Total Price.
  • The Included Tax column will be removed.
  • The * Postcode column is changing to * Zip Code for USD CSVs.
  • The * Suburb column is changing to * City for USD and CAD CSVs.
  • A new * State (AUD and USD) /* Province (CAD) column.
  • A new Delivery Charge (excl tax) (AUD and CAD) / Delivery Charge (USD) column.
  • A new Fuel Surcharge (excl tax) (AUD and CAD) / Fuel Surcharge (USD) column.
  • A new Extra Cover Charge (excl tax) (AUD) column for the AUD CSV file.
  • A new GST column for the AUD and CAD CSV files (meaning Australian Goods and Services Tax in the AUD file, and Canadian Goods and Services Tax in the CAD file).
  • A new HST column for the CAD CSV file (Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax).
  • A new QST column for the CAD CSV file (Québec Sales Tax).
  • The Warranty Price column will be removed.
  • The Requested Cover column will be removed from the USD CSV file (and will only remain on the AUD CSV file).

To see the full CSV format, refer to the Dashboard Billing CSV page. And if you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].