Requiring HS Codes for AU International


Executive Summary

From February 1st March 1st 2023, HS codes will be required on international orders originating from Australia. Merchants and senders need to ensure their products have HS code information.


On the Create Order endpoint, entries in the parcel_contents list have a currently optional hs_code parameter. HS codes are already required for some destinations, but as of Feb 1st March 1st 2023 these will be required when sending international parcels from Australia.

To continue sending internationally from Australia from Feb 1st March 1st 2023 onwards, senders must make sure their products have valid HS code information. After this date, if any entries under parcel_contents do not have valid HS code information the order will return an error and fail to send.

You can use this site or this one to look up 6-digit HS codes. Alternatively, you can look up the full HS tariff codes appropriate for your destination. We also have this help centre article describing HS codes in more detail.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].