250g Pouch


Executive Summary

Sendle 250g lets Australian senders send small items easily, cheaply, and fully tracked.

Feature details

  • 250g is available for domestic Australian routes. See our 250g pickup and delivery coverage here. As well, only certain drop-off locations accept 250g orders (see our full service drop-off locations).
  • 250g labels will feature a different partner's logo on them instead of the Sendle logo, making it easy to separate those orders for pickup.
  • 250g rates are only available on pickup orders for users on Ship & Save savings level 4 and above (previously only available for Pro plans). For savings level 3 and under, you should book these orders as drop off to get dedicated 250g rates. You can check your plan in the production or sandbox dashboard.
  • See our 250g Help Centre article for more details.

Sending 250g orders

This is how to book a 250g order:

Create an order

The Create an order Endpoint lets you create an order. You book a 250g order just like any other, but:

  • Make sure the weight is 250g or less. Avoid conversion issues by using the weight unit 'grams'.
    • If using STANDARD-PICKUP, you must be on Ship & Save savings level 4 or above to get 250g pricing. Level 3 and under will be charged regular rates instead of 250g rates when using this product. Check your plan in the production dashboard or sandbox dashboard.
    • If using STANDARD-DROPOFF, keep in mind that 250g orders can only be left at full service drop-off locations โ€“ not all drop-off locations accept 250g parcels.

If the above is true and the locations are within our 250g zones, you'll get dedicated 250g rates for the order.

Check the label

Follow our Getting Printable Labels page to get the order's label.

If you've selected pickup, 250g orders get collected by a dedicated driver! As you already do, separate your orders by pickup partner to ensure the right driver gets the right parcels.


If you're having trouble booking a 250g order, try adjusting the weight or origin/destination addresses. As an example, you can try booking with origin and destination addresses in Pyrmont 2009 NSW.

Also try looking at our 250g Help Centre article, and see if you can book a 250g pouch via the dashboard.