Our API exposes different products that orders can be shipped with (see the Get Products endpoint). This page has a description of each product we offer, the product code it uses, and how you should display it to users.

  • Display name is how the product should be displayed to receivers/buyers as part of the ordering flow.
  • First mile describes the first mile option used.
  • Service describes the service this product uses.
  • Region describes the region(s) this product is available in.
Product codeDisplay nameFirst mileServiceRegionDescription
SAVER-DROPOFFSendle SaverDrop offsaverUSSendle's economy shipping product.
SAVER-PICKUPSendle SaverPickupsaverUSSendle's economy shipping product.
STANDARD-DROPOFFSendle Preferred (Global)
Sendle Standard (AU only)
Drop offstandardGlobalSendle's preferred shipping product.
STANDARD-PICKUPSendle Preferred (Global)
Sendle Standard (AU only)
PickupstandardGlobalSendle's preferred shipping product.
EXPRESS-PICKUPSendle ExpressPickupexpressAUSendle's express shipping product.
THREE-DAY-PICKUPSendle 3-Day GuaranteedPickupthreedayUSSendle's Three Day service.
THREE-DAY-DROPOFFSendle 3-Day GuaranteedDrop offthreedayUSSendle's Three Day service.
TWO-DAY-PICKUPSendle 2-Day GuaranteedPickuptwodayUSSendle's Two Day service.
TWO-DAY-DROPOFFSendle 2-Day GuaranteedDrop offtwodayUSSendle's Two Day service.
GROUND-ADVANTAGE-PICKUPGround Advantage PlusPickupgroundadvantageUSAffordable US delivery.
GROUND-ADVANTAGE-DROPOFFGround Advantage PlusDrop offgroundadvantageUSAffordable US delivery.
PRIORITY-PICKUPPriority Mail PlusPickupprioritymailUSPriority US delivery.
PRIORITY-DROPOFFPriority Mail PlusDrop offprioritymailUSPriority US delivery.
PRIORITY-EXPRESS-PICKUPPriority Mail Express PlusPickupprioritymailexpressUSExpress US delivery.
PRIORITY-EXPRESS-DROPOFFPriority Mail Express PlusDrop offprioritymailexpressUSExpress US delivery.
FIRST-CLASS-PICKUPFirst Class Mail PlusPickupfirstclassparcelUS(deprecated) Affordable US delivery for under 1lb.
FIRST-CLASS-DROPOFFFirst Class Mail PlusDrop offfirstclassparcelUS(deprecated) Affordable US delivery for under 1lb.
PARCEL-SELECT-PICKUPParcel Select Ground PlusPickupparcelselectUS(deprecated) Affordable US delivery for large parcels.
PARCEL-SELECT-DROPOFFParcel Select Ground PlusDrop offparcelselectUS(deprecated) Affordable US delivery for large parcels.


Size limits

It's important to note that each delivery product can have different size limits. If you system uses the recommended Get products endpoint and supplies all known parcel details (weight, volume, dimensions), we will ensure that only valid products are returned. Using the Get products endpoint before booking helps make sure drivers won't reject parcel pickup due to size issues.

Displaying products to receivers

The names that are returned for products are ones that senders will understand. For example, they may include the first mile (e.g. "pickup" or "drop off"). When displaying products in a checkout flow or in a similar way, where receivers will see the names, you should replace these names with ones more appropriate for receivers.

For example, by using a display name like in the table above. We've got a recipe showing how this can work:

Selecting products via the API

How do you quote or book an order using a specific product? Depending on the endpoint, you'll select products in different ways.

Here's what to do for each one:

  • Get products endpoint: This endpoint automatically returns quotes for all valid products on your account (and returns their product codes). We prefer integrations make quotes with this endpoint, as senders will be able to take advantage of new products without any extra work on your end.
  • Get a quote or Create an order endpoint: Supply the product_code param with the selected product's code. Also make sure the first_mile_option param is not being sent (as the first mile is configured by the product).
  • View an Order endpoint: You can see which product this order uses by looking at the product object on the response.