Not sure what 'ATL', 'first mile', or 'Sendle Reference' mean? Well, you're in the right place!

Here we will go through some Sendle-specific terms, as well as general logistics terms that are helpful to know. If there are any other terms we should explain, reach out to us at [email protected]!


An alphanumeric string generated by Sendle, which is used as the password when making requests to the API. Keys can be regenerated from the Integrations tab of the Dashboard.

ATL (Authority to Leave)

Authority To Leave means approval to leave a parcel without getting a signature from the receiver.

First mile

This is how a parcel enters our delivery network. For example, a driver can pickup a parcel directly from the sender, or the sender can drop the parcel at one of our authorised drop-off points.

HS Code (Harmonized System Code)

These are internationally-standardised codes which classify products. For example, 9504.40 means Playing Cards. You can lookup 6-digit HS codes here.

Order ID

An order's individual identification in our system. For example, f5233746-71d4-4b05-bf63-56f4abaed5f6. This isn't used for the public tracking page.

Sendle ID

An account's identifier, which is the username when connecting to the API. This is generated at account creation and cannot be changed.


This means the type of service an order is shipped with. For example, Standard vs Express.

Sendle Reference

The 6-8 character alphanumeric reference used to uniquely identify a Sendle parcel. For example: S3ND73 or S34WER4S. This is used for the public tracking page.

SOD (Signature on Delivery)

Signature On Delivery means that a driver will get a signature from the receiver when delivering the parcel.