Integration QA

Here's how we test integrations before they are launched!

Our goal is to make sure your users have a great shipping experience. This means confirming good quality shipping data is collected, and that it's passed through to our API in the best way.

Before partner integrations launch our team tests them to: ensure data is being sent to our system correctly; discover any potential points of user confusion; and to make sure that it meets our user's expectations for Sendle integrations. Here we've included a checklist which closely matches the QA testing done by our team. This lets your engineers find and resolve potential issues while the integration is being developed.

Please feel free to email [email protected] for any questions, comments, or clarifications.


Required: Resellers and Authorised Tracking Pages

If you're a reseller (and sellers/senders on your platform book orders with your platform's Sendle account instead of with their own), we require that Senders have a way to access Authorised Tracking Pages. These pages give senders a way to access important self-service functionality and tools.

BYOA integrations - Credential tests

  • Error message is shown when inputting an incorrect Sendle ID or API key (using the Ping endpoint).
  • Credentials are saved when inputting a correct Sendle ID and API key.
  • User can select between Sendle's Sandbox and Production environments.

All integrations - Basic functionality

  • User is shown a quote before the order is created.
  • User can book a domestic order.
  • User can book an international order.
  • User can cancel an order.

All integrations - Order data

  • All address/contact details (Address Lines, Country, Name, Company, Email, Phone) for both sender and receiver are sent to Sendle as-is.
  • Pickup and delivery instructions can be set by the sender/receiver, and are sent to Sendle as-is.
  • Order description is human-readable and describes what the parcel is.
  • Weight, Volume, and Dimensions are sent to Sendle as-is with the units the user selected.
  • ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes are used instead of country names where possible.

  • On international orders, parcel_contents is set with correct volume/quantity.
  • On international orders, user can set HS codes for parcel contents.

  • User-Agent HTTP header is set to an identifiable value on API calls (e.g. WeMakeApps Magento plugin).
  • metadata.partner_id is set to a unique identifiable value on API calls (Sendle will supply this value).

  • If using idempotency keys, a new key is generated if an order is re-submitted.

All integrations - Misc

  • User can download labels in both A4/Letter or Cropped formats.

All integrations - Error cases

  • When an order is rejected due to data validations, user is shown error messages and can correct and re-submit.
  • When package is too large, user is shown an appropriate error message.