Regional API Differences

This page outlines the differences when booking orders for AU/CA/US addresses, and for senders located in those countries.

API differences

AustraliaCanadaUnited States
First mile optionpickup or drop offpickup onlyTypically drop off only. pickup is available for some accounts.
Label sizescropped and a4cropped and lettercropped and letter
PricesAlways AUDAlways CADAlways USD
suburbSuburb name must match postcode. Validation error will be returned if they don't match.Not validated.Not validated.
postcode4-digit postcode.6-character postal code.5-digit ZIP code or ZIP+4 code.
stateAbbreviation (ACT, QLD) or full name (New South Wales).Province/territory 2-letter code (ON, AB) or full name (Ontario).2-letter code (NY, CA) or full name (New York).
countryAU or AustraliaCA or CanadaUS or United States