Whether you've got a couple of merchants on your platform or hundreds of thousands, this section is for you.

Because you're handling the API requests for multiple senders, you have some specific requirements and functionality that regular API users don't have. We'll go through that in this section, and also give you advice to make sure your implementation is as secure and reliable as possible!

How Sendle thinks about Partners

To us, a 'partner' is a company, business, or marketplace that lets other senders mail parcels with Sendle. For example, a B2C marketplace that lets merchants send packages with Sendle or a C2C marketplace whose users ship between each other.

What type of partner you are depends on:

  • Whether merchants use your rate card (book parcels using your account's pricing) or whether they create and bring their own Sendle account.
  • Whether you have a parcel volume commitment with us.
  • How much custom integration work we need to do to get you connected. For example, whether we're building custom endpoints, unique features, or special financial integrations for your platform.

Partner Types


Resellers are our largest partners. We tend to build custom, bespoke integrations just for them. If you're a reseller, there's a lot of engineering work on our side and on yours to integrate.

Reseller accounts give you access to custom rates, with a parcel volume commitment to us. You can then resell those rates to the senders on your platform.

Reseller Lite

Reseller-Lite partners are able to sell standard rates. For smaller, new, or startup marketplaces, we'll give you standard partner functionality that's easy to get running without much engineering work from our team.

Third Party Integration (3PI)

We also call this a Bring Your Own Account (BYOA) integration. 3PI integrations let merchants bring their own Sendle account. Your service can start off as a simple 3PI and then move to being a Reseller Lite or Reseller partner later on.

Partner Functionality and Requirements

Resellers can give their senders and receivers Authorised Tracking Page links, which let users self-service various support functions with their orders.

High-volume reseller partners need to use offline billing instead of credit-card billing.

Here's the other functionality and requirements different integration types have:

ResellerReseller Lite3PI
Your merchants can send parcels with Sendle
Your merchants can bring their own Sendle account🚫🚫
Your merchants must setup a Sendle account themselves🚫🚫
Platform has parcel commitments with Sendle🚫🚫
Platform has their own rate card with special prices🚫🚫