The CSV files downloaded on your dashboard lets you reconcile charges and any refunds with your users' accounts.

This page describes the format of the CSV file downloaded through the Billing screen on the Sendle Dashboard. This is not relevant if you access the offline billing CSV files we provide via SFTP – those files are documented here.

Amounts can be calculated using the Price and Currency fields. Note that while refunds show as their own row, they show the original order price and not a negative amount. The Refund Date contains information on when the refund was actually applied to the order.

Charge TypeType FieldPaid FieldNotes
Order CostsOrder Invoicedpaid
Under-declared Adjustment or Oversized AdjustmentAdjustment: Incorrect size declaredpaidAdjustment fee for orders over the declared or the max allowed size.
Under-declared Adjustment RefundSize adjustment charge refundedrefunded
Package type adjustmentAdjustment: Package TypepaidAdjustment charge if carrier-branded packaging is used and that results in extra carrier charges. For more information see this help centre article.
Package type adjustment refundPackage type adjustment refundedrefunded
Cancellation RefundOrder InvoicedrefundedAbsent if cancelled in the same invoice cycle.
Other RefundOrder InvoicedrefundedDelay, loss, damage, etc.
Un-cancellationOrder InvoicedpaidAppears as a standard order.
Oversize PenaltyAdjustment: Oversize penaltypaidAdditional penalty charge for an order which exceeds the allowed size for the route.

If you are offering Sendle Extra Cover, note that Warranty Price is included in the Price field and should not be added as a secondary charge.

Details for Under-Declared and Oversize

This CSV file includes information about the cause of Under-Declared or Oversize charges. This can be helpful with explaining the adjustment to a customer. Specifically:

  • The declared size, provided to Sendle: Declared Max Weight, Declared Max Volume
  • The actual Measured Weight, Measured Volume, Measured Length, Measured Width, Measured Height
  • All units are provided as Weight Unit, Volume Unit and Dimensional Unit


  1. Go to the Billing screen on your dashboard.
  2. View an invoice and click "Download (.csv)"

Dashboard Billing CSV Format

The dashboard billing CSV file differs based on the currency used (due to taxes, regional naming differences, etc). The AUD/CAD/USD columns note which fields are returned in which currencies.

Account Name***sendleCatSocksIDThe Sendle account associated with this order.
Type***See notesNote that it is possible to have an Order, Adjustment, Refund and Adjustment Refund in the same invoice for the same Sendle Reference.

Valid values:
- Order
- Refund
- Adjustment: Incorrect size declared
- Adjustment: Package Type
- Size adjustment charge refunded
- Package type adjustment charge refunded
Account Email***[email protected]The email of the Sendle account associated with this order.
Sendle Reference***SYF2W2A6-8 characters, starting with S.
Label Number***AUSUAH86F9Y8EEThe internal label number of this order.
Date Created***2019 Dec 05 12:57:48Date and time the event occurred (UTC).
Pickup Date***2019 Dec 06Only present for Pick Up orders (local time).
Receiver Name***Leona White
Receiver Email***[email protected]
Receiver SuburbReceiver CityReceiver CityBacchus Marsh
Receiver PostcodeReceiver PostcodeReceiver ZIP Code3340
Receiver StateReceiver ProvinceReceiver StateAlberta
Receiver Country***Australia
Sender Name***Cat Socks
Sender Email***[email protected]
Sender SuburbSender CitySender CityGlebe
Sender PostcodeSender PostcodeSender ZIP Code2037
Sender StateSender ProvinceSender StateAlberta
Sender Country***Australia
Customer Reference***Cat Socks
Declared Max Weight***0.5
Declared Max Volume***2
Measured Weight***2.5Only present on Adjustment rows.
Measured Volume***3Only present on Adjustment rows.
Measured Length***12Only present on Adjustment rows.
Measured Width***12Only present on Adjustment rows.
Measured Height***18Only present on Adjustment rows.
Weight Unit***KGConfigured for your account. Typically KG or LB.
Volume Unit***LConfigured for your account. Typically L or IN3.
Dimensional Unit***CMConfigured for your account. Typically CM, M or IN.
Total Price***13.95Price of the order including taxes and the cost for extra cover. Positive for charges (order, adjustment), negative for refunds.
Delivery Charge (excl tax)Delivery Charge (excl tax)12.05The base price for this route, excluding tax.
Delivery Charge12.05The base price for this route.
Fuel Surcharge (excl tax)Fuel Surcharge (excl tax)0.15Any fuel surcharge that is applied, excluding tax.
Fuel Surcharge0.15Any fuel surcharge that is applied.
Extra Cover Charge (excl tax)0.15Any extra cover charge that is applied, excluding tax.
GSTGST1.27Australian GST or Canadian GST
HST0.58Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax
QST0.58Québec Sales Tax
Paid***The payment state of this order.
Invoice Number***SEN41876-1949The invoice for the original charge.
- On an Order or Adjustment, this is the invoice it was charged in.
- On a refund, this is the original invoice of the charge being refunded.
Refund Date***Only present if order was refunded
Requested CoverThe dollar amount for any additional or included cover, if applicable.
Paid By***Only present if any of the orders in this invoice were paid for by another Sendle account.

Valid values:
- This Account
- Third Party

You'll get a column added to the end for each metadata key on orders. For example, creating an order with the metadata {"order_id": "126"} will mean you get a column named order_id on the CSV file.

If one of your metadata values is an object, it'll be represented in a very strange way in the CSV. For example, if you pass in "metadata": {"your_data": {"nested": "12345678"}}, in the output CSV file you'll get a column with the data "{""nested""=>""12345678""}". Because of this, we recommend only using simple data types in metadata keys if you want to read them from the CSV file.


If you have a metadata key with the same name as one of the above columns, you'll get two columns with that name (first, the original one that we provide, and then the metadata one).

Avoid using the above field names inside order metadata to prevent this confusion.