Now that you have your API Key and know which server to use – let's talk about how to authenticate your requests.

The Sendle API uses HTTP Basic Authentication. This is a simple username/password that lets the server know who you are. It grants you access to the API, letting us know which account to book orders with and invoice.

The Getting Your API Key page shows you how to see your Sendle ID and API Key. These are the Username and Password to use with HTTP Basic Auth.

For example, here I would use a username:password of sendleAPI:W██████████████JC


Sendle Dashboard showing the API tab

Your Sendle ID and API Key need to be included on every request.

You can use the ping endpoint to make sure you're calling the API correctly. On that page, when your credentials are filled out on the test box, the code example will show you how to set this up in your language!