Sendle's Sandbox is your place to try out our API and confirm that your integration is working, before you send actual parcels.

Using the sandbox is easy – you just need to register for an account on and then make all API calls against instead of our production server.


The Sandbox is a copy of our infrastructure, but a sandbox account or API key won't work on our live production server, and a live account or API key won't work on our sandbox.

If you have any problems using the sandbox, please look at our troubleshooting guide. And if that page doesn't help, send us an email so we can help work out what's going on!

Getting your API Key

Before using the sandbox API you'll need to complete a few steps. These steps can also be found on the Getting Your API Key page:

These steps are described in more detail below.

Accept the Dangerous Goods Terms

In order to use the API, you need to accept the dangerous good terms in the dashboard. You can find it at the bottom of the Sender Details tab in your Settings.

Setup Payments

Before you can start using the API, you'll need to attach a credit card to your account for invoicing. This card will need to be in the currency you're going to be creating orders in.

Note: If you're using offline / manual billing, you'll still need to have a credit card added to your account to complete setup. After sending your Sendle account details to our team, we'll enable manual billing which will stop the credit card from being charged.

You can attach a credit card in the Billing section of the dashboard.

  • If you're creating orders in Australia, you'll need to have an AUD credit card setup.
  • If you're creating orders in Canada, you'll need a CAD credit card setup.
  • If you're creating orders in the U.S. you'll need a USD credit card setup.
  • Since you are using the Sandbox server, you'll need to use one of Stripe's test cards instead of a real credit card number.

Generate Your API Key

To generate your key:

  1. Go to the API tab in the sandbox dashboard settings.
  2. Type in your website and any other information (this is used for identification purposes only – it's OK to use a staging URL or another one).
  3. Press the 'Claim Access' button to see your API Key and Sendle ID, which you can use with the sandbox API.

Confirming Your Setup

The ping endpoint is special – it'll always return errors if your account email address hasn't been validated, your payment settings aren't setup, or if you haven't accepted the dangerous goods terms. The other endpoints will only return these errors if that part of your account is required.

What this means is you can use this endpoint to confirm your account settings are correct! If you run into trouble using this endpoint, check out the Authentication page or the recommendations here.