Hi there! The Sendle API lets software developers add Sendle to their own sites and apps. With the API you can get quotes, book parcels for delivery, and also view past and present orders.

With the Sendle API you can send orders domestically (nationally) inside Australia, Canada, and the United States, and Internationally from Australia simply. If you have any questions about the API or integrating with Sendle, you can reach out to our Integration team.

If you're a store owner who simply wants to send parcels with Sendle, or if you don't know what an API is, we have links to pre-built integrations on our support centre (AU / CA / US / CA (fr)). You can use these to easily start Sendling with your store!

First off, let's describe what you can and can't use this API for:


You can use this API to send your own or your store's parcels, view those orders, and do other actions with those orders.

You can write an integration for an ecommerce platform which uses this API, which merchants can install and use with their own Sendle API key.


You need permission to use this API to send parcels for other parties or for other merchants. You can seek this permission by emailing [email protected], and you must also follow the terms laid out in our Website User Agreement. Before granting permission, we'll test your implementation and make sure it follows our best practices.

We have more details about using our API this way in our Partners and Multi-Tenant Sites guide.

If you want to use our API for something else, send us an email so we can chat about your use case!

And here's a few notes about how to send requests to us:

The Sendle API does not support chunked as the value for the Transfer-Encoding header.

Sendle API uses JSON, so requests should include these headers:

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

On the next page, you'll get your API key and be able to test our endpoints!