We use some terms to describe a parcel's state in the shipment process. This page lists those and what they mean.

Here's the standard flow for a successfully-delivered pickup parcel:

And for a successful drop-off parcel:

Orders start in Pickup or Drop Off, and typically proceed through each state until they reach either Delivered or one of the failure states like Lost. All states other than the ones in the above flow represent a deliberate cancellation of the order or a failure during the above process.

Drop OffThe parcel is scheduled for drop off.
Dropped OffThe parcel has been dropped off at one of our collection points.
PickupThe parcel is scheduled for pickup.
Pickup AttemptedDriver tried to pickup the parcel but couldn't.
TransitThe parcel is in transit.
DeliveredThe parcel was successfully delivered.
ExpiredThe label for this parcel has expired.
CancelledOrder was cancelled.
Unable to BookOrder could not be booked.
LostOrder was marked missing or lost.
Return to SenderOrder is being returned to the sender.

When tracking an order you'll see more specific delivery states like 'Card Left', 'Left with Agent'.


When viewing an order you'll also get a description of the current status of the parcel. For example, here's some of the info returned when viewing an order:

  "state": "Pickup",
  "status": {
    "description": "Pickup Scheduled",
    "last_changed_at": "2015-11-23"

This lets you know the order's in the Pickup state and gives you more information. This can be especially useful later in the parcel's delivery journey.

When tracking an order you'll get more human-readable descriptions for every step the parcel's taken so far. This also has more specific delivery states than the ones listed here.