Returns how much you'll expect to pay to send a parcel, given the shipping details and your current plan.

You can get quotes for both domestic and international shipments. International parcels can be shipped from Australia and the United States to countries around the globe, or from Canada to the United States.


New product-aware quoting

Your system should use the new Get Products endpoint instead of this endpoint. This new endpoint makes quoting easier and also lets your system see all available shipping products (such as Sendle Express or Saver).

For more information, see the post detailing our quoting update.

Since this is a GET request, the params need to be sent in the query string, not in the body like the create an order endpoint requires. The ? in the URL starts the query string.

Be sure to separate terms using <name>=<value> pairs in the query string, and use percent-encoding for all spaces or special characters like the playground on the right shows. You can type some spaces and special characters into the boxes below to see how they get encoded! If you need more information on GET vs POST requests, Mozilla's MDN has a nice summary.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while using this endpoint:

  • Look at the Parcel Weights and Dimensions page for advice on parcel sizes, including using our AU Domestic Unlimited Satchels.
  • Look at the First Mile page to see how parcels enter our mail network.
  • We decide which currency to return based on where the parcel is being sent from, so AUD for Australian, CAD for Canadian, and USD for U.S. parcels. This is the currency you'll be charged in.
  • The ETA returned by this endpoint is the number of business days until the parcel should be delivered.
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