Returns tracking details for the given parcel, including when different events happened to it.

This endpoint doesn't contain precise personal location information, but can contain the city where events happen and some names (e.g. 'Parcel was signed for by JIMMY'). To get the public tracking URL that can be shared with the receiver, see the tracking_url key in the response from the create or view an order endpoints.

Note: The Sendle API does not currently expose webhooks, and this endpoint is the only way to retrieve tracking information. For updates, keep an eye on our Changelog!

We recommend getting new tracking information for each parcel once per hour.

You should limit your requests to this endpoint to 10 per second per unique IP.

Here's most of our tracking events and what they mean:

Tracking EventDescription
Pickup AttemptedDriver attempted to pickup the parcel.
PickupParcel successfully picked up.
Drop OffParcel has not yet been dropped off.
Dropped OffParcel left at a drop-off location.
InfoInformation about the parcel. This can come from us or the delivery partner.
In TransitParcel in transit between hub locations.
Out for DeliveryDriver has the parcel and is taking it to be delivered.
Delivery AttemptedParcel delivery attempted, but unsuccessful.
DeliveredParcel successfully delivered.
Local DeliveryDelivery is being handled by a local partner (e.g. a local postal service or similar).
Card LeftParcel delivery attempted and a card has been left for the receiver to arrange collection or re-delivery.
Left with AgentParcel has been left with a parcel connect location, POPStation, or similar for collection.
DamagedParcel has been marked as damaged.
Unable to DeliverParcel could not be delivered.
ExpiredThe label for this parcel has expired.

If you receive an event type not on this list, look at the description of the event for more information.

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